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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teusday 24 Jan 2012

Peace Love and Blessings All
We are so glad that we made this choice and that you made this choice.  Now more people are looking and tasting and growing healthier because of the coices we made.  Now poeple have more healthy choices and there are new voices all saying the same thing.  STAY ALIVE is the name of the day.  Eating healthy goes hand in hand with high morals and principle in life.  Now, to begin the process let us say in one voice, "I will eat to live Today!"
See today's Menu:
Ground Provision Medley
Veggie Tofu (in garlic sauce)
Cocnut Curry Chunks
Herb Rice
Sauteed Spinach
Red Bean Stew
Mac & Cheese Pie
Garden Salad
Beet Salad
Black bean Stew
The Pease fries have a special touch today too.
Come taste
Swhole (Whole Foods for your Soul)

sWhole...whole foods for the soul!
Keeping you healthy!
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